Experiences of a _More Agile Testing_ contributor

Bernice Niel Ruhland, a director of quality management programs, contributed so much value to  More Agile Testing. In addition to sidebars where she explains ideas she uses for training and managing testers, we refer to several stories and ideas we learned from her. She also read every draft of every chapter at least three times and gave us invaluable feedback to help create the final book.

Janet Gregory and I are so excited that Bernice has shared her experiences as a More Agile Testing reviewer and contributor. I hope it will inspire you to write about your own experiences, volunteer to review your colleagues’ draft publications, and perhaps read our book!

And while you are there, keep on reading. Bernice blogs regularly and I’ve learned so much from her stories. For example, I love her tribute to Leonard Nimoy and her stories of how he influenced her career.

Bernice’s creativity extends beyond her testing career to other pursuits, one of which is cuisine. She has a wonderful cooking blog, Realistic Cooking Ideas. This has inspired so many wonderful meals at my house! Don’t read it, though if you are hungry!

Thanks so much to Bernice!

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