with Lisa Crispin

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Helping you figure out how testing can "keep up" with frequent releases to production, and move to continuous delivery without sacrificing product quality.

Before Working with Lisa:

  • Testing is not “keeping up,” testing is a bottleneck to getting new changes in the hands of customers.
  • Quality is not good enough, customers are feeling pain.
  • Testers are not contributing in expected ways.

After Working with Lisa:

  • Team has agreed on quality goals and knows how to build strategies to achieve those goals.
  • Testing supports a healthy DevOps culture.
  • Frequent, small deploys to production reduce risk and let the team have a predictable cadence.

Lisa is dedicated to making the software world a safe and happy place for testers, and simply wants delivery teams, including all the non-testers, to feel the joy of holistic testing!

Identify and Achieve your Quality and Testing Goals

If your team/organization is looking to 

  • move towards successful continuous delivery, 
  • grow an effective DevOps culture, 
  • learn better ways to build quality into your software product,

then, contact Lisa for help getting there!

Yes, You Can Find Unicorn Magic!

Lisa offers training, quality practices assessments, and workshops to help teams learn a holistic approach to succeeding with quality and testing, especially as they move to continuous delivery. 

Lisa Will Help You Learn:

  • what types of testing activities are helpful all the way around both sides of the continuous software development / DevOps loop,
  • how to shorten feedback cycles, 
  • testing skills for non-testers,
  • how the testers on the team can help non-testers learn those skills.

Put Lisa’s experience to work for YOU to help your teams find the unicorn magic of achieving high performance. Lisa loves to help teams identify their biggest pain points and design experiments to chip those obstacles away!

Through team training, consulting, and conference workshops over the past couple of decades, Lisa has experienced the joy of collaborating with leading practitioners all around the world. She has been a central part of her teams’ success with continuous delivery and top-notch quality.

“I help teams learn how to use visual models to collaborate on solutions to a wide range of quality and testing problems, and help teams learn to work together for better outcomes and more enjoyment.”

Ready to Get Started?

Reach Out

We’ll set up a call, talk about your organization’s quality- and testing-related pain points and your hopes and dreams.


I’ll propose a range of services that specifically address your organization’s pain points and goals.

Improve Your Process

We’ll work together one step at a time and adjust as we go. For example, if I do a quality practices assessment, I’ll write a thorough report of how the organization is doing in different aspects of quality, and suggest training, workshops, coaching to improve in your highest-priority quality aspects.

Books co-authored by Lisa Crispin

More Resources for Agile Testing

Lisa is co-founder of the Agile Testing Fellowship with Janet Gregory, where we offer training around the world.

As an international keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Lisa has written articles for many publications.