Additional Training

Additional Training, Workshops, and Tutorials

We humans learn best by doing, discussing, moving, sharing. I design my training sessions to provide a great learning experience for participants, using techniques from Sharon Bowman’s Training from the Back of the Room book. Each workshop or tutorial starts with participants getting to know me and each other and identifying what they want to take away from the session. A few minutes lecture on a topic, supported by visuals on slides, is followed by a thoughtfully-designed, hands-on group exercise so that participants can practice as they learn. Discussions with small groups and the whole class are also included.

Depending on the topic and the scope, these remotely-facilitated sessions range from two to four hours. Where it makes sense, we can do a series of sessions on related topics over multiple days.

Training from the back of the room book
Contact me to discuss your team’s goals and pain points, and I can design a custom workshop so your team can learn new skills and practices together. Topics I teach include, but are not limited to:
  • How teams can build quality in and succeed at continuous delivery
  • Building shared understanding of requirements to shorten feedback loops
  • Helping traditional testers make the transition to agile teams
  • A whole team approach to succeeding with test automation
  • Using the agile testing quadrants model to cover your testing and continuous delivery needs
  • Using business-facing tests to guide development, with behavior-driven and acceptance test-driven techniques.
Agile Testing Quadrant