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Blog with Laveena Ranchandani talking about our experiences as testers – we’re two different generations but we’ve had similar perspectives!

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Agile Testing Fellowship blog

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“Getting involved with DevOps as a Testing Specialist” on the Applitools blog

“Succeed as a tester when your team is adopting DevOps” on the Practitest blog article: Get Testing Bottlenecks out of your pipelines

I don’t work there any more, but you can still see my posts and webinars on

My series on using visual models to form your automation strategy on Joe Colantonio’s blog: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

I have  many StickyMinds blog posts which are not all called out individually on this page, check them out please!

Guide your agile development with traceable tests, Agile Connection, January 2015

How Agile Testing Has Evolved, with Janet Gregory, InformIT, December 2014

SPAMCast Interview with Tom Cagley about More Agile Testing, with Janet Gregory, December 2014

InfoQ Q&A with Ben Linders, with Janet Gregory, December 2014

Using (and Abusing) the Agile Testing Quadrants, Cutter IT, November 2014

Learning Culture Critical to Agile Success, interview of Lisa and Janet by Jennifer Lent, SearchSoftwareQuality, 2014

A Major Award, StickyMinds, February 2013

Testing the Big Picture, with Janet Gregory, May 2012

Success Factors for Distributed Teams, SearchSoftwareQuality, March 2013

And another article on Software Testing in Distributed Teams in Methods and Tools, March 2013

I regularly publish Ask the Expert Q&As and Agile testing-related tips on, please click that link to see a list.

My Techwell blog

“Story Mapping the Wrong Way” on Techwell/Stickyminds December 12, 2011

My interview with Simon Baker was posted on Stickyminds and Techwell on July 18. There will also be highlights in the next issue of Better Software.

Interview with Elisabeth Hendrickson about her upcoming Agile 2011 session, Entaggle, and being both a programmer and a tester, on Search Software Quality

Interview with Mary Gorman about her upcoming Agile 2011 session and the Agile BA book she’s writing with Ellen Gottesdiener on Search Software Quality

My summary of the WAT2 conference this past May, in Durango, appears on the website.

The June issue of Tea Time for Testers includes an article I wrote on learning to communicate better with programmers.

Nanda Lankalapalli and I have an article on StickyMinds on managing technical debt with technical debt sprints.

Nanda Lankalapalli and I co-wrote an article “Make Your Tele-Team Work” that is the featured article (on the cover no less!) in the June 2011 Better Software Magazine.

I wrote about a recent experiment my team tried to motivate the business to have all user story requirements ready by our sprint planning meeting in my new Techwell blog.

Read about my experiences at ACCU 2011 at TechTarget.

Here’s a summary of my session on an agile approach to defect tracking at StarEast 2011. I summarized my entire StarEast experience on a Software Testing Club guest blog post.

Here is the article on test automation design for my tutorial session May 2 at StarEast. I had intended it as a handout but it got lost in the shuffle somehow.

Janet Gregory and I co-wrote a two-part series for Better Software Magazine called Learning for Testers. We have some more related information that wouldn’t fit in the print magazine on Techwell. We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback.

My Software Quality Connection article, Selling Agile to the CFO, has been reformatted by ITBusinessEdge into a nice little slide deck. I think it is really easy to read & digest in this new format.

I have a new article on TechTarget’s site, “Getting on the Same Page: How Testers Can Help Clarify Requirements”. I’d love to hear of your own experiences in this area.

Agile Documentation on StickyMinds – I get lots of questions about documentation in agile projects, and attempt to answer them here by sharing how my teams have approached documentation.

Automated test scripts: The Smartphones of testing: How to use automated tests to take the tedium out of manual exploratory testing and make more time for the serious exploration.

My Belgian Testing Days experiences, and how overseas conferences provide a different experience for me than domestic ones, on SearchSoftwareQuality.

Selling Agile to the CFO, on Software Quality Connection: Are you a developer who’s trying to be a change agent, getting your company to try agile development? Surprisingly, it can be fairly easy to get the CFO on your side.

Estimation Roller Coaster, in Estimating is hard. How do we do it right? Why do we have to do it, anyway?

Agile Record Column:

I was asked to write a column in Agile Record. I call it “Agile Testing in Real Life”, and the first installment is on setting our learning objectives for 2011. Please check out the latest issue, which has lots of great content, including a fascinating interview with James Bach and Michael Bolton, and an article on Three Improvement Strategies with Jurgen Appelo.

What Donkeys Taught Me About Agile Development“, Agile Record, October 2010. If you’ve met me or attended one of my presentations, you know about my miniature donkeys, Ernest and Chester. Driving my donkeys is my avocation, but working with them has given me insights that have helped me succeed with agile software development. Read the article to learn what donkeys teach about trust, donkey energy, enjoyment and more.

An Introduction to Test Automation Design, The Testing Planet, July 2010. One of the leading causes of failure of test automation is poor test design. Learn how you can get on the right road to maintainable automated tests.

Here is an updated version of the Test Automation Design article with updated links to the newer Robot Framework pages.

FitNesse – a Tester’s Perspective tool review in the Summer 2010 issue of Methods and Tools magazine

A Testers’s Learning Journey, InfoQ, June 2010. I share stories of my own learning journey, and how it has translated into career grown and job satisfaction. I hope it will inspire others on their own learning journeys.

What’s a Tester Without a QA Team with Janet Gregory, published in the March issue of Agile Journal.

The “One Right Way“, a Stickyminds Blog post that’s gotten a lot of good comments.

We’re All in the Same Boat“, another Stickyminds Blog post inspired by Jeff Patton.

Be the Worst by Dawn Cannan, with a sidebar by me, published in Agile Record, January 2010. Dawn explains how and why to surround yourself with the best people!

Testers: The Hidden Resource, with Janet Gregory, InformIT, February 2009 – Testers are an underutilized resource – read how software development organizations could get much more by leveraging their talents.

The Tester Who Came In from the Cold, Better Software, October 2008 – How agile development is helping to integrate testers into the development and customer teams

To Track or Not to Track, Better Software, June 2007 – Should we “fix and forget” bugs, or log them for posterity?

Driving Software Quality: How Test-Driven Development Impacts Software Quality, IEEE Software, November 2006

The Democratization of Test Tools, Better Software, July 2006

Hiring an Agile Tester, Better Software, March 2006

Tool Look – Canoo WebTest, Better Software, November 2006

An oldie but a goodie – XP Testing without XP (substitute “agile” for “XP” and it’s still relevant), in Methods and Tools, 2003

Testing Extreme Programming, with Tip House, Addison-Wesley, 2002

Women in Agile Project

In 2010, I helped Mike Sutton with the program he headed up, the Agile Alliance-sponsored Diversity in Agile program. For our first project, we asked people around the globe to introduce us to awesome women in agile software development, and we interviewed several of them. The interviews were shown at Agile 2010 and are also available online. We’re working on a new project for 2011 – stay tuned for more information!

Non-Testing Articles (But Still Could Be Relevant!)

I have a sidebar in a wonderful article by my friend and Feldenkrais practitioner Pamela Beeets about a lesson she gave to me and my donkey Chester. The bond between human and animal and how it affects their work together is not so different than the bond between humans and humans!