Observability, Continuous Delivery, DevOps & Related Resources

We all need to be involved in testing activities and building quality in, all the way around that continuous DevOps loop! It’s what Holistic Testing is all about. Here are some awesome books, blogs, videos, courses and more to help you get engaged with the right-hand side of the DevOps loop. Send me any you have that aren’t on here already! 

First of all, check out Abby Bangser’s blog for so much great insight on observability, site reliability engineering and more. For example, here is a great list of resources and insights from Abby to help testers learn how to get started with observability.  Also, this podcast interview with Abby includes many resources in the show notes. 

Janet Gregory and I have developed a new remote live course, “Holistic Testing for Continuous Delivery: For a quality DevOps Culture”. Learn more about it on our Agile Testing Fellowship website, it’s available through our training providers around the globe.

Shifting left and right in the continuous DevOps loop
Let’s get involved all the way around the loop! Graphic from Janet Gregory, inspired by Dan Ashby’s continuous testing loop.

I highly recommend joining the DORA community to learn about leading practices, join in Lean Coffee discussions, and more. I’ve found it welcoming to testers and a great place to learn and connect with people. 


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