Live Training Courses

I offer two live training courses developed by myself and Janet Gregory for our Agile Testing Fellowship, Inc. training company.

Holistic Testing: Strategies for Agile Teams

This course offers hands-on training in the whole-team approach to testing for agile teams, and teams adopting a DevOps culture. It’s based on our agile testing books, and on our joint experience helping teams improve their performance and quality over the past two decades.

The course is designed for delivery teams to participate together. 

Holistic Testing for Continuous Delivery

Participants in this more advanced course will learn a holistic approach to testing activities that help teams succeed with continuous delivery and deployment. They will learn to “speak the language” of DevOps so that testers can communicate and collaborate effectively with operations specialists. The course includes many techniques and practices for safely delivering new features to customers more frequently. It covers both sides of the DevOps loop, learning from production usage on the right side to guide building quality in on the left side. We cover many common obstacles to achieving successful continuous delivery, and how to design experiments to overcome them.

This course is also designed for delivery teams to participate together, with a focus on testing, and how testers contribute all the way through the infinite software development and delivery life cycle. 

The above courses can be facilitated remotely or in person. You can schedule a private, in-house course with me for your team. We also offer a “train the trainer” option where your own instructor(s) can be approved as Agile Testing Fellowship trainers and make a licensing arrangement to teach it in house. Please contact me and we’ll talk together about the details!

Public courses are also offered from time to time, available to everyone. Please see our Agile Testing Fellowship site for scheduled public courses available around the world, including those I am offering.

"Holistic Testing: Strategies for Agile Teams has had an immediately positive effect on our product teams! The emphasis on the whole team approach has really opened the eyes of our developers to how they participate in not just the development of features, but the planning and testing of them as well. The course has also helped us to slow down, focus on getting to 'done' and avoid the rework that has typically plagued our releases in the past. I highly recommend it!"
Dave Rooney
Agile Coach, Ross Video
Holistic Testing Model diagram with the infinite SDLC loop and testing activities from discovery to building to releasing to learning.
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Through training and consulting, Lisa can help your teams learn to build quality in and accomplish the right testing activities to deliver value to customers safely and frequently.