Podcasts & Webinars

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Check out Janet Gregory’s and my YouTube channel, with 15 minute “Donkeys & Dragons” video chats on a wide range of holistic testing topics! 

  • On the Liberated Tester podcast, I talked with Gunesh Patil about how software development has evolved in the last four decades! Check out his other guests too. 
  • I also chatted with Shruti Pandey about my software journey on her YouTube channel. And subscribe to her channel too!
  • Honored to be a guest on Tim Bourguignon‘s DevJourney podcast. I love this podcast, he gets guests to tell their “origin stories” of how their career got started and proceeded. 
  • Janet Gregory and I were guests on Brian Milner’s Mountain Goat Software podcast, Agile Mentors. 
  • I had the honor of guesting on the “QA Therapy” podcast with Sergio Freire and Cristiano Cunha. We talked about ways to fit testing into DevOps. I recommend checking out the other episodes too, lots of great guests!
  • It was so fun to demo Willem Larsen’s RPG game to learn ensemble (mob) programming on the Mob Mentality show!
  • The RedHat Compiler podcast also invited me on, to talk about some basics of testing in the “full stack”. I’ve enjoyed listening to several episodes of this podcast, it’s got a different approach than the usual!
  • I talked with Darko Fabijan on his Sempahore Uncot podcast about holistic testing.
  • Janet Gregory and I talked about holistic testing on the Tech Lead Journal podcast.
  • In this episode of the excellent “The Guilty Tester” podcast, The Guilty Tester talks about his takeaways from our Agile Testing book.
  • Revisiting the test automation pyramid with Janet Gregory and Johanna Rothman in this webinar.
  • A really interesting “Chain Conversation” video event where I got to talk to Gitte Klitgaard.
  • I did a webinar on continuous delivery with EqualExperts, what a treat! Also was part of this fishbowl webinar on continuous delivery with them.
  • I did a webinar on “thinking outside the box”, cognitive bias and how it affects our testing, with Claudia Badell, for TestingUY
  • I enjoyed recording this FrontMatter podcast with LeanPub co-founder Len Epp.
  • Janet and I guested on the Quality Coaching Roadshow podcast with Anne-Marie Charrett and Mags Dineen.
  • Here’s a webinar Janet and I did on quality processes in an agile environment for the Agile Testing Days webinar series.
  • Janet, Ashley Hunsberger, and I had a great time talking with Carlos Kidman on the Ministry of Testing podcast.
  • Janet Gregory and I have our own YouTube channel where you can find our short “Donkeys & Dragons” chats about various aspects of holistic testing and more.
  • I talked with Federico Toledo about observability on his Quality Sense podcast.
  • A nice conversation on quality with Lina Kulakova. (subscribe to her YouTube channel!)
  • Enjoyed talking with Lancer Kind about Extreme Programming on an episode of his “Agile Thoughts” podcast
  • It was such an honor to be on the “Mob Mentality Show” (both a podcast, and on YouTube!)
  • Talked with the awesome Richard Kasperowski about how to make a safe place for our teams on his With Great People pod.
  • Always an honor to be on the InfoQ podcast with Shane Hastie, talking about agile testnig.
  • Talked about software testing in a cloud world with Mike Kavis of Deloitte.
  • My conversation with João Rosa on one of my favorite podcasts, Software Crafts Podcast – including what I’ve learned from my donkeys!
  • Janet Gregory and I both had an amazing time talking with the Cucumbers about testing in DevOps on the Cucumber podcast!
  • Interesting conversation with Andrea Goulet and Scott Ford about legacy testing on the Legacy Code Rocks podcast!
  • Great conversation about testing in DevOps and continuous delivery on The Testing Show podcast.
  • (Really old stuff below! )
  • I had so much fun talking to Dave Rael for his Developer on Fire podcast. Please let me know what you think!
  • Thanks to the awesome Howard Sublett & SolutionsIQ folks for the fun opportunity to be interviewed for AgileAmped!
  • Older stuff below. I forgot to keep this page up to date!
  • I just ran across videos made by the Software Testing Club at the Oxford Testing Meet up in April, 2011. I did a lightning talk on why testers should use an IDE.
  • I had the honor of presenting a short webinar talk at the second ALE (Agile Lean Europe) Network Bathtub Conference on June 30, 2011. I gave two examples from my team on how we have used experiments to address issues that surfaced in our retrospectives. All the presentations from this terrific event are available on the ALE Bathtub Conference website.
  • This interview with Michael Kircher of Software Engineering Radio was posted in June 2010. We cover several topics ranging from the role of the tester in agile teams, over test automation strategy and regression testing, to continuous integration. I really enjoyed it because we got to talk for over an hour! Though the podcast is not that long.
  • I did a longish interview with Tom Cagley of SPamCAST – Software Process and Measurement Podcast – in February of 2009. You can also get this on iTunes. It came out really well and I make what I think are some pithy and useful observations about agile testing!
  • Janet and I did a 5 minute podcast with Željko Filipin at AWTA 2009. This was a lot of fun and all the podcasts from AWTA are worth a listen.
  • I highly recommend the Testing Podcast site for informative podcasts with a wide range of testing practitioners.u