Learning for Testers at Belgium Testing Days

I’ve been writing a lot on SearchSoftwareQuality and Techwell (aka Stickyminds) lately, no time to blog. I have lots to say so I hope I have blogging time soon! I’ll start by reporting back from Belgium Testing Days.

There is so much goodness to report from last week’s Belgium Testing Days! I’ll be writing all that up, but I wanted to start with the great ideas that came out of my session on “Speaking their language: What testers can learn to work more effectively with programmers”. My slide deck will give you a bit of a feel for the talk, but as I’m going with simpler slides these days, you had to be there to know what I said. However, much more interesting are the ideas generated by the participants, who divided into small groups and made lists of what testers should learn to help them communicate and collaborate better with programmers. I asked them to go beyond the ideas I described in my talk. Each group gave their top choices, and I wrote them on a flip chart.

The last group to go had the one we all agreed was most important – have fun!

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