Stuff I’ve written and published elsewhere! And – the Testing in DevOps community site

Testing in DevOps Community Site

I’ve been so busy but all my publications have been other places!

My series on using visual models to form your automation strategy is on Joe Colantonio’s blog: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

DevOps.com published my article on “Getting testing bottlenecks out of your pipelines

I have a ton of blog posts and webinars on mabl.com, and these are all general articles about testing, DevOps, continuous delivery and test automation, not about the mabl product.

Testing in DevOps Community Site
Testing in DevOps Community Site

And I’m grateful to mabl for helping me get a community site to help all of us learn more about testing in DevOps. Wonderful leading practitioners have been contributing guest blog posts every week, and also contributing links to other publications, podcasts, webinars and so on. Please check it out at https://testingInDevOps.org. Please contribute more links to more paces we can learn about continuous delivery, observability, shortening feedback loops, collaborating across roles, anything that helps us succeed at “DevTestOps” practices! And especially, please consider writing a guest blog post for our community. Thanks!

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