My Tester’s Island Discs!

Tester's Island Discs from https://dojo.ministryoftesting.com/
Tester's Island Discs from https://dojo.ministryoftesting.com/
Tester’s Island Discs from https://dojo.ministryoftesting.com/

As soon as I heard the introductory episode to Neil Studd’s Tester’s Island Discs podcast, I sent in my five song selections. I didn’t expect to be picked, but it was really fun to think of the five tunes I’d take to the Tester’s Island!

I’ve listened to every episode, and have learned a lot of new insights and ideas about testing, and discovered a lot of music that is new to me! There’s a playlist of songs from the show on Spotify that you can link to on the website.

I was thrilled to be selected to be on Episode 7! I had so much fun talking to Neil the day after Thanksgiving here in the States. I’m afraid I talked a lot, so it’s a few minutes longer than the average episode. He picked a really great clip for each of my songs, and I hope some of you discover something new! I enjoyed our wide-ranging conversation, from my “tester origin story” to diversity and inclusion at conferences. Oh, and a bit about how donkeys cope with winter.

You can submit your song list on the website – I highly recommend it!

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