technical debt

A Look Back at AWTA

Zeliko Filipin has posted a bunch of podcasts with AWTA workshop participants, including yours truly and Janet Gregory. I knew at the time that I wasn’t grasping all the information in every presentation, and listening to the podcasts reminds me of what didn’t quite register at the time. There are so many possibilities for test […]

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Managing Technical Debt

I got positive feedback on this post to the agile-testing Yahoogroup (including from Brian Marick), so I decided to post it here too for anyone who missed it on the list. My team took time to educate the business management about technical debt and how it affects our velocity. They can see our velocity start […]

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Staying On Top of Test Automation

Tomorrow I’m off to Austin for the Austin Workshop on Test Automation (awta). Every year I’ve wanted to attend this, but this is the first year I’ve made it. I was especially motivated because the subject is Watir. We’ve been using Watir for about 4 years. We have a robust suite of tests and I […]

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