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Stuff I’ve written and published elsewhere! And – the Testing in DevOps community site

I’ve been so busy but all my publications have been other places! My series on using visual models to form your automation strategy is on Joe Colantonio’s blog: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 DevOps.com published my article on “Getting testing bottlenecks out of your pipelines” I have a ton of blog posts and webinars […]

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The changing roles of testers in agile and DevOps

Joel Montvelisky and I paired to talk about how testing has changed in light of more teams adopting agile development and DevOps culture. Many thanks to mabl and PractiTest for collaborating to host this! We had a great chat about how we see the role of testers and test/QA managers, and the ways they add […]

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The Method Behind the Madness: Innovative Ways to Improve Software Quality

On Tuesday, November 9 at 1:00 PM EST, I’ll be on a SmartBear Software -sponsored panel discussion Webinar with Steve Berczuk, Jason Cohen and Esther Schindler (who will serve as our moderator) talking about how to improve software quality. Steve, Jason and I approach quality from slightly different angles so this should be interesting and […]

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