I’m independent!

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For the past couple decades, I’ve enjoyed working as a hands-on tester and internal test consultant at several different companies. I was lucky to be a part of some teams who achieved a high level of product quality, team performance, and joy. Whatever the outcome – I always learned a lot! At the same time, I’ve collaborated with Janet Gregory to share what we have learned on our complementary journeys via our publications, courses, tutorials and workshops.

Starting now, in 2022, I want to help more teams discover the unicorn magic of improving how they work together to build successful products. I am now offering my services as independent consultant and trainer.

I’m joining the ranks of our many awesome Agile Testing Fellowship trainers to teach the course that Janet and I developed together. This is especially exciting, because we’re currently updating the course to reflect the holistic testing approach that Janet has encapsulated in her new model. We are renaming the course “Holistic Testing: A Strategy for Agile Teams”.

I’d love to help your team identify and achieve its quality and testing goals. Please see more details on ways I can help, and feel free to get in touch anytime.

Donkey accompanies Lisa on a new journeyI’ll continue to share what I discover on my learning journey, and hope you will come along for the ride!


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