Training, consulting and coaching

I would love to help your team/organization move towards successful continuous delivery, grow an effective DevOps culture, and learn better ways to build quality into your software product. I can help you identify and achieve your quality and testing goals. Contact me to chat about consulting and training options.

“Holistic Testing” remote live course

If you and your team are struggling with fitting testing in to the frequent deployments in agile and continuous delivery environments, you might be interested in the holistic testing course that Janet Gregory and I developed. (We are currently updating and renaming it from its previous name, “Agile Testing for the Whole Team”.) This is an interactive course with hands-on training in the whole-team approach to agile testing. It’s based on our books and on our joint experience working in teams transitioning successfully to agile for the past 20+ years. I am available to facilitate the course in time zones within reasonable reach of Eastern time. For other parts of the planet, and other languages, and to get all the details about the course, check our Agile Testing Fellowship website for more information.

Additional courses and workshops

I do workshops and tutorials, from a half-day to two days, on various topics such as:

  • How teams can build quality in and succeed at continuous delivery
  • Building shared understanding of requirements to shorten feedback loops
  • Helping traditional testers make the transition to agile teams
  • Getting traction on test automation
  • Using the agile testing quadrants model to cover your testing and continuous delivery needs
  • Using business-facing tests to guide development, with behavior-driven and acceptance test-driven techniques.
  • Customized tutorials to fit your own needs

Consulting and coaching

Over the past couple of decades, I’ve experienced the joy of collaborating on teams that successfully transition to agile and DevOps culture. I’ve been a central part of my teams’ success with continuous delivery and top-notch quality. Let me use my experience to help your teams find the unicorn magic of achieving high performance. I love to help teams identify their biggest pain points and design experiments to chip those obstacles away.

Some areas where I can help:

  • Assess your organization’s current quality practices and processes, and set goals for step-by-step improvement
  • Coach individual contributors in finding ways to add the most value.
  • Build relationships across your technology and business organizations to set a foundation to provide a high-quality system
  • Plan and execute testing at product, release, feature, story and task levels
  • Measure progress towards improved effectiveness, satisfaction, performance, flow, communication, collaboration, at individual, team and system level
  • Build an observability practice to help teams quickly identify and correct production issues and learn from production usage to inform new features and focus testing
  • Create effective, maintainable internal and external knowledge bases
  • Transform to low-risk, frequent deliveries of value to customers

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