Testing & quality in continuous delivery, DevOps, observability & more

Shifting left and right in the continuous DevOps loop

I used to curate a site where I gathered articles, books, webinars, courses and more related to testing and quality in continuous delivery and DevOps, especially observability. That site was owned by my then-employer, and nobody is keeping it updated anymore. It might go away, so, as a public service, I am posting the resources I had gathered there on my own site. Currently I’ve just dumped all these amazing resources on this one page. If you would like me to add any, please email me or DM me on Twitter or contact me on any other social media where we both are.

Thanks to Abby Bangser whose generosity in continually sharing her own experiences plus lots of resources inspired me to finally do this.

Let’s get on both sides of that continuous testing loop!

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