A New Year, an Updated Website!

Tiring of the poor performance of my old site hosted on GoDaddy, and tired of being the object of ridicule for having such an old-skool-looking site (OK, only one person ridiculed me, but his opinion matters), I decided I needed to finally get into the 2010s.

Thanks to Scot Rumery of Rumspeed for redesigning and hosting my new site! And to Matt Heusser for putting me in touch with Scot.

I have so many things to share, so hopefully 2013 will bring me more time for writing! Please watch this space!

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for a couple of upcoming tutorials/workshops. At Belgium Testing Days, on February 27 in Brussels, I’ll be doing an all-day “Advanced Topics in Agile Testing“. I’ll ask participants to help drive the content, as we will first identify the most burning problems, then do group exercises to come up with some experiments to try to overcome those problems.

I’ll be doing a similar session in Cambridge, UK on March 22, at Software Acumen. It’s going to be fun, and I think every participant will end the day with some new, practical techniques to try. If you live close enough to either of those events, I hope you will join us.

LeanCoffeeWherever I go, I’ll be starting the day with LeanCoffee! Here’s a pic from one of our Lean Coffees at Agile Testing Days this past November. It’s a guaranteed fun and productive discussion of a wide range of topics.

7 comments on “A New Year, an Updated Website!

  1. Congratulations for the new look Lisa! It is easy to read and comment from my Android phone 🙂
    What about installing a Disqus plugin to let disqus host your comments? It is really powerful and appealing for people to write comments.
    All the best for this new year. Greetings to Bob 🙂

  2. The new site looks great and it works, I no longer have to wait 5 minutes for pages to load. Nice work. Are you using a custom WordPress theme or is this one that you found? I really like it and would love to know where it is from if it isn’t a custom theme.

  3. Hi Chris,
    Scot Rumery of rumspeed.com designed the site for me, I’m not sure if he used a custom theme or not. I’m glad you like the site! Thanks for the feedback!
    — Lisa

  4. I just noticed – there is no “blog” tab and if I click off this blog page to poke around, I didn’t immediately know how to get back here. Would be nice to have a blog tab – looks like this is a WP site and your blog is set as your home page.

  5. Excellent point, Gina. The main part of the site is the blog, but I do have the pages with links to articles, presentations and such. Will see if I can get the navigation improved.

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