Sorry for the sounds of silence!

I’ve had such a great fall. Got tons of inspiration at Oredev and Agile Testing Days. Doing lots of LeanCoffee. Learning all kinds of stuff and doing lots of experiments at work. Not only to I get to work with folks such as Marlena Compton, Jo Webb and Glen Ivey, the amazing Elisabeth Hendrickson is now also a Pivot! She’s not on our Tracker team, but we look forward to discussing ideas with her and getting her guidance occasionally.

So why no blog posts? 1) lack of time; 2) my site, which is hosted by GoDaddy, has become so slow, it’s hard to add posts, and probably hard for anyone to read it, so what’s the point? I’m in the process of having a smart person who knows how to move my site to a better hosting service and modernize it (yes, Tony, I will have a site that doesn’t look so 2003).

Stay tuned, and please check my Articles page and older blog posts for links to my articles on StickyMinds, TechTarget, SmartBear and other locations. Soon, I will be sharing lots of goodness that I learned, right here with you.

3 comments on “Sorry for the sounds of silence!

  1. Is GoDaddy really that bad? This page loaded lickety split for me so I doubt GoDaddy has any adverse impact on your followers accessing your site.

  2. GoDaddy’s support told me themselves that my site is hosted on some old slow service of theirs. For some reason, THEY cannot just move my site. And not only do they need me to move it, they tell me that first, I better back all my files up to my own computer. Huh? Really, they don’t back it up? I guess you get what you pay for. I’m moving to a real hosting service that backs up my content and makes sure my site performs adequately. These days, it takes as long as 5 minutes for my site to load. Soon it will be much better!

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