Meet Ernest

My Agile Testing Days tutorial is almost full, so my motivation here is not to advertise it, but to invite you to meet one of my donkeys, Ernest. I tried to make the video with both Ernest and Chester, but it was very windy outdoors that day and Chester was fidgety, we couldn’t get a good video. My friend Anna suggested taking Ernest indoors to do the video, so we went in the living room and it worked just fine. It’s short, please enjoy!

4 comments on “Meet Ernest

  1. Nestor (my donkey friend) is so jealous of Ernest’s opportunity to go IN the house! Ironically enough, friends remind me regularly that Nestor is supposed to stay outside. Now I have video proof to the contrary… thanks!

  2. Well, of course our donkeys go wherever we go! Ernest’s buddy Chester particularly likes looking at his reflection in the oven door.

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