Published on InfoQ: A Tester’s Learning Journey

InfoQ just published an article I wrote to try to inspire more testers to grow their skills. It begins:

The software industry is changing fast. More and more teams put testing up front and center; they use tests to drive development. New and improved automated test frameworks and drivers burst onto the scene every month. Teams with more automated regression suites need testers with sharp exploratory testing skills. But most people do not learn the needed skills in university: where will these testers come from? Read more

8 comments on “Published on InfoQ: A Tester’s Learning Journey

  1. Hi Lisa,

    That was really an interesting read. As a keen tester learning myself I second your thinkings.
    I got into Testing by accident. Fresh out of the college I joined a consultancy. My first day at work was at a client site for a training with a very senior member from the consultancy. During the application training I asked my senior coworker, “What would I be coding?”. And I got the reply “You wont be coding anything. You would be Testing the application”. My journey into the Testing world started from there.
    I learnt through the transitions from one job to another, acquiring new skill sets on the way. Played various roles like Junior Tester, Software Tester, UAT Environment Support, Test Analyst, Automation Tester, Test Lead and now QA Manager. Whatever I have learnt in my 6.5 years of experience I am still applying it at my current job. I had never thought that I would be at this position in my professional life. It was only possible because I love to learn something new every time.
    That’s my “Tester’s Learning Journey”.
    Thanks for the lovely article. I am sure it would inspire a lot of testers out there.

    Deven Bairat.

  2. Hi Deven, it’s always interesting to talk to other testers and find out how they got into testing! Many of us got here by accident but then discovered we love it.

    I’m glad my journey resonated with you too. Do you have a blog, are you writing anywhere?

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I had planned to start a blog long time before (around April 2010). But due to my current job transition I have kept it on hold. The spare time I get nowadays is spent in trying to get as much information I can which would help me settle down quicker at my new role.
    You can get a glimpse of some of my ‘blogthoughts’ and the blogs I follow etc @

    Deven Bairat.

  4. Wow, Devin, that is a cool collection of blogs, some of which I had not been following! Thanks!

  5. Hello, Lisa!
    Thank you for so great and powerful article! It made me think about my future as a tester and as a person. I have found and read Your article in Russian language at habrahabr.ru (http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/testing/99872/)

    I’m an Estonian 21-year-old guy who works at the internet startup as a Tester. It is my first job as a tester. I test more like functionality of the website, usability and some white-box software testing. I am new to “Testing community” and I don’t know any programming language.

    But I like to test the way I do know, but I understand that I need more knowledges to improve my skills. I decided to take an online training and get some certificate.

    I need an advice. There are a lot of companies who provide certified trainings but who and what kind of certificates are valid and good for resume? I am totally confused! Please help.

    Thank you!

    And thank You for sharing your thoughts and experience!

    — Sergei

  6. Hi Sergei, wow, it is cool to see my article in Russian! Our book is translated to Russian but I haven’t gotten a copy yet.

    You’re on the right track, getting online and reading articles. I don’t know of a good online training course off the top of my head, but I’ll research it and get back to you. Meanwhile, you might check out http://testobsessed.com and http://exampler.com for good articles and references to learn about testing.

  7. I know this is an old post but I’m in the midst of mentoring a person that is interested in getting into the field. Thus I was looking to some resources for them to read as well as offer my own guidance. It was a good read. Thank you very much,

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