New video chat: Assessing Quality Practices with QPAM

Janet Gregory, Selena Delesie and Lisa Crispin recording a video chat together

QPAM radar chart, looks like a spiderweb, with the 10 quality aspects as pie-shaped sections and dimensions as circular sections. In our new Agile Testing Fellowship Donkeys & Dragons video chat episode, Janet Gregory switched from being co-host with me, to being a guest with Selena Delesie! We talked about assessing quality practices with their Quality Practices Assessment Model, aka QPAM. Selena and Janet explain how they came up with the model. They explain the quality aspects and dimensions, and give a brief overview of how to use it. we talked about the benefits, too. And their books about QPAM! Lots of information in just 18 minutes, I hope you will watch!

I’ve used the model and found it so effective to help an organization see where they are in their quality journey. It’s a great way to understand where to focus efforts to improve quality practices. I wrote about my experiences in my post “Enabling better quality”.

Are you curious where your team or organization stands in its ability to delivery a quality software product consistently and confidently? Book some time to talk with me. I do quality practices assessments for engineering organizations remotely. If your team wants to self-assess or you want to facilitate one yourself, I can give you some guidance.

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