“Holistic Testing for Continuous Delivery” class Oct. 23-26

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Janet Gregory and I developed our new course, “Holistic Testing for Continuous Delivery: For a quality DevOps Culture”, last year. I’m teaching it remotely October 23 – 26 . The highly interactive, hands-on class will go for 3.5 hours each day, including breaks: 10:00 am to 1:30 pm Eastern time.. This is the first time I’ve taught this new course, so I’m setting an introductory price of $1,000 USD per person. Contact me at lisa@agiletester.ca to learn more!

We designed this course to enable every team member, regardless of specialty, to collaborate on a journey to delivering small changes to customers frequently, consistently and confidently. You’ll learn to apply the Holistic Testing continuous loop model to allow testing to “keep up” with continuous delivery. The course isn’t designed to turn you into a site reliability engineer. It will help you speak the language of DevOps so you can help your team grow a healthy DevOps culture. You’ll learn strategies for test automation to enable frequent and stress-free production deploys.

The course is geared for testers, quality engineers, developers, product owners, ScrumMasters, managers, everyone who wants to deliver a high-quality software product. Click the link above to download the course description and outline.

If you’re interested in becoming an instructor for this “Holistic Testing for Continuous Delivery” course as part of our Agile Testing Fellowship, this is an opportunity. It would require an additional two to three hour “train the trainer” session, and some other steps. Contact me for more information, including cost.

Lisa teaching an online class using a Miro boardWe will work together on Zoom and Miro boards. The class has many small group exercises to practice as you learn. You’ll want to devote your energy to optimizing your learning. Don’t expect to be able to do more than a. half day at your usual job while you’re taking the class.

To register, please email me at lisa@agiletester.ca and I’ll let you know what to do. Feel free to schedule a chat with me if you’re interested in taking the “Holistic Testing for Continuous Delivery” course, and want to know more.

2 comments on ““Holistic Testing for Continuous Delivery” class Oct. 23-26

  1. I am looking for an answer to the question: What are the basic qualifications expected of an attendee?

    I have been a manual tester on Agile Teams for the past 13 years now, but am NOT an automation coder or a scripter. Is this course for me. The most I have done in terms of test automation is using Selenium IDE – am skilled with driving teams towards accepting and adopting the need for IDs in code to enable test automation and using IDs to create xpaths to support automation using Selenium IDE (this is what I currently do). Given my background, should I be attending your Course/s?

  2. Sorry, Murali, I missed your comment here. This is not a course on test automation, no coding skills are required. If you’ve been working on agile teams for 13 years, you have plenty of experience for the course. I recommend reading our free mini ebook, Holistic Testing: Weave Quality Into Your Product, whic you can download at https://AgileTestingFellow.com. That will get you prepared for the class. Please contact me if you’re interested in registering. Thanks!

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