Guested on podcasts about testing and DevOps!

QA Therapy podcast logo

I had the honor to participate in two podcasts recently.

One is the “QA Therapy” podcast with my friends Sergio Freire and Cristiano Cunha. We chatted about ways to fit testing into DevOps. Check out their other episodes too, they’re talking with lots of awesome folks!

Complier podcast from RedHat logoThe other is the RedHat Compiler podcast. They talked with me about testing for an episode in their series about the “full stack”. I have really been enjoying episodes in this podcast, they have an interesting approach where they feature different practitioners and what struggles they face. They even added donkey sound effects to the episode I’m on!

I learn so much listening to many different podcasts, I hope you find these helpful. Check out some other podcasts I’ve been on. It’s always an honor.

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