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Welcome to my revamped website! I’ve enjoyed a lovely summer, I’m rested and ready to help teams identify and achieve their quality goals.

Let me bring my experience helping teams delight customers with frequent, low-risk delivery of high-quality software products to your organization. I can guide your teams to figure out their biggest obstacles and design experiments to overcome them. Is lack of shared understanding causing long cycle times? Is your team sold on the idea of whole-team ownership of quality, but not sure how to adopt it? Are you struggling to get testing to “keep up” with short release cycles or continuous delivery? I’ve been there with my teams over the years, and I can help yours.

My focus is helping teams remotely. I am also available for a limited number of in-person engagements. I’ll be over in the UK and Germany during the coming year, so I can also add in-person training or consulting to one of those trips. Please get in touch whether you’re interested in remote or in-person help.

Holistic testing infinite loopI also offer our live course, “Holistic Testing: Strategies for Agile Teams”, as an in-house course for your delivery teams, as well as occasional public courses. In 2023, I will be available to facilitate our new course, “Holistic Testing for Continuous Delivery”, get in touch if you want to know more about either of those! Check out my upcoming public remotely facilitated course, the week of December 5!

Please peruse the information here on the site for more details. Think about what’s keeping your team from performing as you’d like, and get in touch. I’ve been facilitating training courses and workshops remotely, and in the future I have some availability for in-person training, workshops and consulting. Let’s talk!


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