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Hi friends!

I haven’t posted here for a long while, because I’ve spent my time co-writing blog posts with Janet Gregory on our Agile Testing Fellowship blog. We also write our monthly newsletter with exclusive content, please subscribe if you haven’t already! Most excitingly, Janet and I record monthly 15 minute video chats on our YouTube channel, and inviting leading practitioners to join us occasionally.

I’ve also been totally absorbed by my new job, which I started in January. I’m a hands-on tester on a team and I have been spending time learning so I can contribute more. Practicing some basic coding skills, learning how to use new-to-me monitoring and observability tools, learning a complex business domain. So, not so much time to write and speak. I do have some talks coming up in October.

FrontMatter Podcast LogoRecently I had the great opportunity to talk with Len Epp, co-founder of LeanPub, on his FrrontMatter podcast. We had a terrific conversation which ranged from explaining agile concepts to the kind of work I do with my donkeys! You can subscribe to his podcast on your podcast app of choice. You can also listen or read the transcript on the podcast website. He’ll be interviewing Janet soon, and he’s interviewed many of my favorite LeanPub authors already. Highly recommended!

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