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We embrace many testing practices that have been around a few decades now. Exploratory testing didn’t always have that name, but software professionals were practicing it. Personally, I have been automating tests since the early 90s.

And, there are always new things that help us delight our customers. Today’s technology gives us access to so many new options. Huge amounts of data that we can analyze quickly. Containers in the cloud where we can run each individual regression test in parallel. Test environments spun up in seconds.

It’s vital to explore all the ways testers can help their teams succeed with continuous delivery, how we can use new technology to help us fit testing activities into the continuous world, how we can build relationships across roles and teams. At Agile Testing Days 2019, Janet Gregory and I, together with our tutorial participants, will venture into the ways testers and teams can embrace all the new tools and ideas. We’ll practice techniques that make a DevOps culture a culture of quality. We’d love for you to join our tutorial and our journey!

When agile testing is new…

Agile Testing CondensedThe software industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. That means many of you are new to software development, new to agile development, new to DevOps. Janet and I wrote a new small book to help people in all roles learn the basics of agile testing, and dig deeper into the areas that interest them most. Find the paperback copy on Amazon, and all ebook formats on LeanPub.


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