Mob all the things!

Mob all the things!
Mob all the things!
Mob all the things!

I’m so excited that I get to participate in the Mob Programming conference next month- April 12-13 –  in Burlington, MA. Check out the program and registration details. This is an amazing opportunity to work in small groups with leaders like Lisi Hocke, Woody Zuill and Llewellyn Falco. An even better way to learn about the “moberators” and their sessions is to check out the awesome blog posts.

I’ll facilitate a mobbing session for exploratory testing. This is such an effective way to get lots of perspectives looking at a feature. Since we all have different unconscious biases, observing and testing with several people together helps us overcome those biases.

In my other workshop, I’ll facilitate a Visual Thinking Strategy workshop. Visual thinking strategy sessions let you practice and improve the skills of observation, critical thinking creativity, curiosity and more that you need to test effectively.

I hope some of you can take advantage of this opportunity to actually DO mobbing with the leading mob programming and testing practitioners today.



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