Tips for tester-developer pairing

Pairing station
Pairing station
A good pairing station is key

My article on pairing with developers is live on the Ministry of Testing. I love pairing with developers. It’s fun, and I learn so much. I feel we are really building quality in together, catching issues early, finding inconsistencies or questions to discuss with the product owner.

Whether you’re a tester or a developer, I hope you’ll try pairing! And no matter what your main specialty, pairing with someone in another specialty is so rewarding on so many levels. You’re bringing different perspectives together, which helps overcome your unconscious biases.

If you’re participating in the Ministry of Testing’s 30 days of agile testing challenge, I hope this article will help you with the pairing challenges! I didn’t mention it in the article, but pairing works well if you and your pair are not co-located. We have great tools these days like ScreenHero for screensharing along with audio and video.

I’d love to hear your experiences with pairing.

I also recommend publishing articles with Ministry of Testing. For one thing, they compensate you. And you have the option of donating your comp into their Scholarship Fund. They have expert editors to help you. Whether you are a newbie or experienced author, you will enjoy the experience.

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  1. Great article Lisa & congratulation for becoming the MoT contributor. Your article “Pairing With Developers: A Guide For Testers” is really appreciable & even it proves very useful for me too, in my 30-day challenges questionnaire.

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