What I Learned Pairing on a Workshop

I pair on all my conference sessions. It’s more fun, participants get a better learning opportunity, and if my pairs are less experienced at presenting, they get to practice their skills. Big bonus: I learn a lot too!

I’ve paired with quite a few awesome people. Janet Gregory and I have, of course, been pairing for many years. In addition, I’ve paired during the past few years with Emma Armstrong, Abby Bangser, and Amitai Schlair, among others. I’ve picked up many good skills, habits, ideas and insights from all of them!

The Ministry of Testing published my article on what I learned pairing with Abby at a TestBash workshop about how distributed teams can build quality into their product. If you’d like to hone your own presenting and facilitating skills, consider pairing with someone to propose and present a conference session. It’s a great way to learn! And if you want to pair with me in 2017, let me know!

One comment on “What I Learned Pairing on a Workshop

  1. It would be honour to pair with you. Just let us know how when and on what.
    I too am firm believer of pairing, over the years i paired with co testers , developers and managers with respect to code review, test case/bug report reviews, test execution and what not.

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