Linda Rising’s Stalwarts session at Agile 2015

The Agile 2015 Stalwarts session are a fishbowl type discussion with leading lights of agile. I learn so much from Linda Rising every time I hear her talk (and when I read her book with Mary Lynn Manns, More Fearless Change). Do go watch videos of Linda’s recent keynotes. Whether it’s about bonobos or the agile mindset, you will have “aha” moments.

These are my sketch notes from Linda’s session. They might only make sense to me, but I wanted to share them. If you don’t sketch note already, give it a try. I will be able to look at these even a year from now and remember what I learned.

2015-08-04 07.01.20 2015-08-04 07.01.29 2015-08-04 07.01.34 2015-08-04 07.01.40 2015-08-04 07.01.46 2015-08-04 07.01.51 2015-08-04 07.01.57 2015-08-04 07.02.03


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