Got unique & difficult agile testing challenges? Be part of the future of testing!

atdAgile Testing Days is a wonderful experience: a chance to join a community of professionals who are passionate about delivering software with the best possible quality and value for customers.

Janet Gregory and I are co-facilitating a tutorial/workshop where we ask participants to bring your toughest agile testing challenges so that we can work on them together. The theme of Agile Testing Days is the future of testing. We can’t predict the future, but we could all be doing a better job right now! You’ll leave our day-long workshop with new tools in your toolbox and experiments to try with your own team to forge new frontiers in agile testing and software quality.

We’ll have not only unicorns, but donkeys and dragons – watch the videos to learn more about our workshop! You can also see what went on in my workshop last year, though we will have some different group exercises and slightly different format this year – plus, Janet and me pairing, always better!

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