Lean Coffee at Belgium Testing Days

My friend Yves Hanoulle gently pointed out to me that I could do a better job providing information about the Lean Coffee at Belgium Testing Days by putting a bit of information online about it. So here goes!

7:15 a.m. – 8:15 a.m.  Friday, Satellite Room (go thru door across from where registration desk is, it’s down the hall on the left opposite the coffee break area).

Tea and coffee provided! LeanCoffee

For more information about Lean Coffee, see the LeanCoffee.org site. I facilitated Lean Coffees last fall at Oredev and Agile Testing Days. Pete Walen blogged about the AgileTD Lean Coffee. So did Chris George. Matt Heusser blogged about the Oredev Lean Coffee. I hope those reports motivate you to get up early after the Casino Night and join us!

This morning, our topics ranged from Yahoo’s reversal on their working from home policy, to what to do about business stakeholders who won’t make decisions about features. This is a fast-paced event that will wake you up and help you decide what sessions to attend at Belgium Testing Days!

One comment on “Lean Coffee at Belgium Testing Days

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to have missed the lean coffee at the BTD. It was just to early. Will try to catch up with the next occasion. Enjoyed working together in Fiona Charles workshop though. Good to meet you.

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