Aloha from the Big Island!

Learning is good, whether in your career, or when you’re having fun! We tried standup paddle boarding last year in Oahu, and loved it, but we knew our technique was bad. In Kailua, the Hypr board rental folks gave us a really helpful lesson in SUP plus pointers on the second day. We paddle boarded 2 hours the first day and about an hour the second, and the practice paid off. I started to get the hang of it, I expended much less effort to move and turn the board, and I enjoyed it much more than if I hadn’t gotten expert help!

LisaRelaxSupIn this video, unfortunately I am not keeping my top arm straight, so I’m missing the “Triangle of Power”. Hmmm, it sounds a bit like the Power of Three in agile testing! Still, I’m practicing, doing my best, having a great time, enjoying amazing scenery. That’s what it’s all about, whether at work or play!

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