Agile in a Flash!

I was an early adopter of the terrific Agile in a Flash cards by Jeff Langr and Tim Ottinger, but left in the dust in the new fashion of having one’s photo taken with the card deck! I have remedied that situation with help from my friend Anna Blake, who was my photo shoot Art Director and photographer. We got up bright and early today on a cold Colorado morning, put on our Carrharts and Elmer Fudd hats, and showed the cards to the donkeys and goats.

Jo, Edgar and Chester are keen to get up to speed on Agile
Ernest is the cautious late adopter, but he is moving in for more

3 comments on “Agile in a Flash!

  1. I want to do a “nice Ass” joke, but Shrek’s kind of mined that one to death.

    I’ve been hearing great things about these – originally thought they were a kind of Tarot card for project meeting.

  2. Too fun! I love that the reading I’ve been doing on agile ends in some very unanticipated new ideas.

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