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I’ve submitted three proposals to Agile 2010 and would love your feedback. Please review them – you will need to create a free account on the submission site if you don’t already have one.

Workshop: Who Pays for All the Fun? Selling the Value of Testing in Agile Projects

Tutorial: The Whole Team Approach to Testing

Talk: How Low Can You Go: Doing the Defect Management Limbo

I have a thick skin, so don’t hold back. I know there will be lots of great sessions, there’s a high standard, and I want to make a useful contribution.

6 comments on “Please Review & Comment!

  1. Hello Lisa,
    I added my 2 cents to the proposals, I hope the are of some use for you. you might always contact me when you have questions about my comments or need further reviews.

    Jeroen Rosink

  2. Lisa –

    Do you have a webinar on Who Pays for All the Fun? Selling the Value of Testing in Agile Projects? I’d love to catch more on the topic.

  3. Hi, sorry I missed your comment earlier. I don’t have a webinar on that, in fact I haven’t done a preso on it yet because no conference so far has gone for that proposal topic! I’ve read some good stuff on this topic though, will see if I can find it.

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