It’s that time of year for resolutions. One important agile principle (to me, at least) is the idea of continuosly improving. We are always looking for experiments to try, ways to work better. (There’s discussion on Twitter right now about the label ‘agile’ – maybe it’s time to drop it and just let it be the way we develop software! But that’s another post!)

Recently I wrote a Sticky Minds blog post about being nice. On New Year’s day, I read one of those newspaper articles you see every year that gives advice on sticking to resolutions. It suggested that rather than resolve to “being nicer”, set specific goals, such as, “I will compliment one of my co-workers each day on one of their accomplishments”. That seems smart.

So, instead of resolving to act nicer, I will resolve to notice and appreciate each day at least one of my teammates’ contributions. I also want to pair for some period of time with a coworker at least a couple of times a week. It would help me improve my skills, and I think it helps the team improve.

I have lots of other ways I’d like myself and my team to improve, watch this space. Meanwhile, I’m more interested in what other people are doing to improve how they work or behave. Please comment and share!

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  1. Although I don’t do new year resolutions I intend to be more knowledgeable about the products I’m testing than I have been in the past.

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