New Article – Helping Testers Transition to Agile

The second issue of Quality Matters is available for download, and features my article, “Helping Testers Transition to Agile: What Testers Can Do for Themselves”. In it I offer advice to testers who find themselves on agile teams and aren’t sure how to adapt. Please comment on it!

Quality Matters is aimed at Eastern Europe, but I’ve found the first two issues quite good, helpful information no matter where in the world you work! I particularly enjoy Alessandro Collino’s articles, this month it’s a comparison of Robot Framework and Fit.

Quality Matters is published by Quality House, which is organizing SEETEST, June 16-17, Sofia Bulgaria. I’ll be there, and I look forward to meeting software professionals from southeastern Europe there!

In other news – there are starting to be a lot of “agile testing” training courses offered. Watch this space, because Janet and I are working on our own three day training course in agile testing.

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