Top 50 New Software Development Books

I am extremely proud that our book is #28 on Jurgen Koop’s list of the top 50 new software development books! Also flattered to be in such excellent company on this list. There are some titles there that I hadn’t heard about before – time to go order some books! Check out the list and see what’s missing from your pile of books to read.

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  1. We bought two of the books – “Agile Testing A Practical Guide For Testers and Agile Teams and sadly….QC was lacking by the publisher Addison-Wesley.

    At page 102, the next page is listed as page 55. If you turn to the next page 102, the next page is listed as page 151. It would appear part of the book is missing as well as the incorrect order. Both books had the same identical error. Fortunatly the book is modular and even with the hiccup, the book has alot of great info. Someone enter a bug in Tracker?

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