Five Questions for Testing Blog Authors

Phil Kirkham had the interesting idea to ask authors of different testing blogs the same five questions about blogging. I was honored to be asked, and Phil has posted my responses to 5 Questions for Lisa Crispin. I especially liked the photo he used. (I have more donkey photos on my old website.) It was interesting to read Matt Heuser‘s responses to the same questions, and I look forward to the responses from other testing bloggers.

I have a lot of links to testing blogs now in my Favorite Links section. Am I missing some good ones? Please let me know, I’m sure I must be.

2 comments on “Five Questions for Testing Blog Authors

  1. Thanks for the answers and glad you liked my choice of photo

    And thanks for adding my site to your favourite links section but whilst I was there I noticed that the link to Janet Gregory’s blog doesn’t work…

  2. Thanks, I have fixed the link to Janet’s site, I need regression tests for my site! The cobbler’s children…

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