Submit Your Agile 2009 Proposal Today!

Check out the Agile 2009 website for information on how to propose sessions. Bob Galen and I, along with a stellar review committee, are looking for practical sessions for all levels of experience to include on the Testing Stage. Whether you’re doing a set of practices such as Scrum, XP, Crystal, or your own flavor of agile, we hope you’ll give back to the agile community by sharing your experiences and ideas. There are lots of interesting stages, in fact you might have a hard time deciding where your agile testing or other topic session belongs. Don’t sweat it, you can work with the stage producers to decide where it fits best.

By submitting now, you’ll have a couple of weeks in which reviewers will give you plenty of feedback, ask questions to help you clarify your proposal, and polish it up. Please submit today!

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