Writing up a storm

Since publishing More Agile Testing with Janet Gregory, I’ve enjoyed time for writing new articles and participating in interviews. Please see my Articles page for links to these. I’d love to hear your feedback on any of these. Have you tried any of the practices or ideas discussed in the articles or interviews?

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Please Review & Comment!

I’ve submitted three proposals to Agile 2010 and would love your feedback. Please review them – you will need to create a free account on the submission site if you don’t already have one. Workshop: Who Pays for All the Fun? Selling the Value of Testing in Agile Projects Tutorial: The Whole Team Approach to […]

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Writing About Testing

Chris McMahon has blogged about our Writing About Testing group. I’m so grateful to Chris for starting this group. We have a wonderful bunch of testers/writers. I really enjoy helping members who are new to writing get published for the first time. I also really appreciate the great help and advice I get about my […]

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