test automation

Angie Jones describes her "10 Ps" report card

Learning from hitting a brick wall

I’m fizzing with all the stuff I learned at European Testing Conference in beautiful Valencia¬† last week! I gave myself the gift of taking sketch notes of all the sessions I attended, so I’m hoping I can do a few blog posts about it. I have been neglecting this blog lately because I spend so […]

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Overcoming test automation challenges

Janet Gregory and I enjoyed participating in the Quality in Agile conference in Vancouver April 20-21. We paired on a keynote: “Do testers need to code… to be useful?” Our opinion in a nutshell: testers need technical awareness to collaborate effectively with all their team members, but our software delivery teams already should have expert […]

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Ideas for Eliciting Examples and Specifications

Check out my recent Stickyminds article, where I distill some ideas I’ve learned recently from folks such as Declan Whelan, Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman (see the links in the article for more on those wonderful, smart folks.) And my latest Stickyminds article is on how my team has found ease and joy (to borrow […]

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