Tina Toucan provided extra diversity and fun!

Diversity in conference speakers == new ideas, more learning

I attended my first testing conference back in the early 90s. I can only remember one woman speaker, and she made such an impact on me, I still remember the session well – it was about how to test requirements. I have used those ideas ever since! Thanks in large part (in my opinion, anyway) […]

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Even better – communicating while drawing!

In my previous post I told about a great experience collaborating with teammates on a difficult new feature. The conversations around this continued this week when we were all in the office. Many of our remaining questions were answered when the programmers walked us through a whiteboard drawing of how the new algorithm should work. […]

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What I’ve been writing instead of blog posts!

I have been doing some writing in the past six weeks, in addition to rehabilitating my broken-and-now-healed ankle. But it’s all been published elsewhere. Here are some links: Software Quality Connection, “How to Improve Communication between QA and Development“, “Agile development: The whole-team approach” Also on, “The whole-team approach to Agile development: Examples […]

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Virtual Team Member Dolly

My teammate Nanda Lankalapalli and I are working on an article about how our team deals with having remote team members. Recently someone on Twitter pointed me to a blog post on Scott Hansleman’s “Embodied Social Proxy or Crazy Webcam Remote Cart Thing“. My fellow tester Lori Thayer suggested I blog about our own crazy […]

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