The Whole Team Approach in Practice

I’ve just been struggling with a title for this post. Some of my ideas were: “Visibility Taken to New Heights”, “Yes, There Are Teams Who Do This Just Like In the Books”, “A Real Commitment to Continual Improvement”, “Inspiration”, but none of them really capture my amazement at what I saw visiting the team at […]

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Nice Thoughts for the Wintry Season

I wrote a blog post on StickyMinds about my views on the importance of being nice. I particularly like some of the stories that commenters have shared about how they were able to get a good working relationship with difficult coworkers. Please share your stories! It’s that time of year where we may have a […]

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Thinking, and Communities

Eric Willeke, Liz Keogh and Jean Tabaka have inspired me (and many others, I am sure) with the following, which they produced when they got together in Boulder last Friday. I’m currently reading some draft chapters of Jurgen Appelo‘s upcoming book. His work is affirming my belief that successful software projects are the result of […]

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