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Adventures in Retrospectives: Helping a large team focus!

I’m a tester on a (to me) relatively large team. Recently I was asked to facilitate an all-hands retro for our entire team. I’d like to share this interesting and rewarding experience. It’s not easy for a large team to enjoy a productive retrospective. I hope you’ll share your experiences, too. At the time of […]

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The Illusion of Control

Recently I listened to one of Amitai Schlair’s excellent Agile in 3 Minutes podcasts (also available on iTunes), about Control. We had a brief Twitter conversation about it with Karina B., aka @GertieGamer. Amitai tweeted, “We can’t control what happens to us, but we control how we’d like to feel about it next time + […]

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What I’ve been writing instead of blog posts!

I have been doing some writing in the past six weeks, in addition to rehabilitating my broken-and-now-healed ankle. But it’s all been published elsewhere. Here are some links: Software Quality Connection, “How to Improve Communication between QA and Development“, “Agile development: The whole-team approach” Also on, “The whole-team approach to Agile development: Examples […]

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