Learn how to apply the Holistic Testing Model

Cover of Holistic Testing: Weave Quality Into Your Product mini-book, with infinite holistic testing loop logo

The Holistic Testing Model has been one of my favorite topics to talk and write about since Janet Gregory dreamed it up in 2021. There’s a good reason. People frequently contact me to with a question along these lines: “My team has agreed that we want to take a whole team approach to quality and testing. We’re having trouble figuring out how to put together our testing strategy. Where can we learn good ways to get started?”

Holistic Testing Model diagram with the infinite SDLC loop and testing activities from discovery to building to releasing to learning.The Holistic Testing Model reflects what high-performing teams do to succeed with quality and testing. It’s a thinking tool to visualize testing activities all the way around the infinite software development life cycle. It helps teams release small chunks of value for their customers frequently and safely.

Janet Gregory and I wanted to explain how to apply the Holistic Testing Model to create a testing strategy. We started out to write a white paper about it. We ended up with a mini-book – 37 pages, still a quick read. It’s called Holistic Testing: Weave Quality Into Your Product.

Janet Gregory and I just recorded a new episode of our Donkeys and Dragons video chat about our new mini-book. We talk about what motivated us to write it. We explain that we wanted to show ways to build quality in step by step, layer by layer, stitch by stitch, comprehensively. The book also highlights the important role leadership plays in achieving quality goals. We made this ebook available for free, because we think the model can help so many teams.

It’s a mini-video chat too, just 12 minutes long! Please give it a watch. We hope you’ll read the book and use the Holistic Testing Model to help your team develop an effective strategy for testing and quality.

To download the free mini-book, go to our Agile Testing Fellowship website, scroll down a bit and click the Download button. No email or other information required!

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