September News, so far!

I just noticed I haven’t posted here in awhile. I’ve been publishing articles on TechTarget and StickyMinds, but otherwise have been absorbed with a couple of exciting new things!

On August 13, I started a new job on Pivotal Lab’s Pivotal Tracker team! This is truly a dream job, working with some of my favorite software professionals such as Marlena Compton, Joanne Webb, and Glen Ivey. I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing teams for most of my career, and this one might be the most amazing! I have a lot to learn, though, and that is occupying lots of my brain cells.

Another big step in my professional growth was attending PSL (Problem Solving Leadership) training with Jerry Weinberg, Esther Derby and Johanna Rothman. This was a giant challenge for me. For the first few days, I felt I wasn’t smart enough to fit in with such an awesome group of participants. But all the learning started to settle in and click, and I know I’ll be absorbing new insights for things to come. I’ll be blogging more about some things I learned.

Starting a new job and attending a six-day course really isn’t enough to occupy me, so on a personal note, my husband and I found our dream equine property. Cross your fingers – if all goes well, next month our donkeys will be living in our backyard on our beautiful new (to us) “ranchette”. Now you might be starting to see why I haven’t been keeping up so well with blogging! But I’m bursting with ideas, and you’ll see the results in several places soon.

2 comments on “September News, so far!

  1. It’s great to get the opportunity to work together, and I’m glad you found a great place for your family including Chester and Ernest. Hopefully this means even more Donkey test stories in Tracker. They really make my day as does working together with you!

  2. Thanks, Marlena! You can count on more Donkey test stories in Tracker! :->

    I’m amazed at how every day, I learn about a bunch of features in Tracker I didn’t notice before. Mind-boggling!

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