I just posted our team’s recent experience in taking a different approach when presented with an unusual problem: one theme that needs to get out the door, and another that will be hard to “hide” but will take multiple sprints. Please check it out on my Techwell/Stickyminds blog lisas_first_test.txt

# new line and 2 spaces are cell delimiters.
# the asterisks have to start in the first col
# Look at the selenium keywords in http://code.google.com/p/robotframework-seleniumlibrary/wiki/LibraryDocumentation
# Look at the quick start guide for more http://code.google.com/p/robotframework/wiki/QuickStartGuide
Actually you don’t even need the # if you type up above the first table. Tables can be in any order. ‘*** Test Cases***’ is an example of a table.
Run it with ./rundemo.py lisas_first_test.txt
To start the server for the app under test manually, python httpyserver.py start

*** Test Cases ***

invalid account
navigate to the login page
type in username  invalid
type in password  xxx
click submit
verify the invalid account error message

*** Keywords ***

navigate to the login page
log  hello, world!
open browser  ${LOGIN PAGE}  ${BROWSER}
title should be  Login Page
${title} =  Get Title
should start with  ${title}  Login

type in username  [Arguments]  ${username}
input text  username_field  ${username}

type in password  [Arguments]  ${password}
input text  password_field  ${password}

click submit
Click Button  login_button

verify the invalid account error message
Title should be  Error Page
Page should contain  Invalid user name and/or password

*** Settings ***
Library  SeleniumLibrary
Test Teardown     close browser

*** Variable ***
${LOGIN PAGE}   http://localhost:7272
${BROWSER}      firefox